About Kerry Day

Kerry is a slightly demented old man who observes life in a quirky way. Having long ago lost his ability to filter his speech in any way, it’s not uncommon for him to say things that are inappropriate. Unfortunately for those people who cross his path, Kerry is unable to allow strangers to pass without talking to them.  While his comments don’t surprise friends they can sometimes startle strangers. Fortunately, Kerry lives with the love of his life and straight laced husband of over 40 years, Ed. They live a surprisingly happy life together in Dallas, TX.

All of the stories that are included here are actual occurrences.  Because of Kerry’s slight dementia and his love for double entendre/innuendo it can be assumed that a liberal dose of artistic license is included in his writings.   The one exception are the stories that are in the category “Senior Stripper”.  The stripper in these stories is Kerry’s alter ego, “The Longest Day”,  not Kerry himself.

Kerry and Ed met in the USAF and have been together ever since.  The two of them have had a variety of careers and lived in a variety of places.  They have a son and daughter-in-law in rural Indiana who they are very proud of and who complement their lives.

One of the pleasures Ed and Kerry have pursued over the years has been travelling the world.  They have visited multiple locations on six of the seven continents.

8 thoughts on “About Kerry Day

  1. Lovely; just lovely Kerry! Every second is highly enjoyable and I can just hear your high energy through the words. I wish I was up in men’s shoes with you, instead of down in ladies shoes, but I’ll just have to make the most out of the few times I do get to talk to you. Good day


  2. P.S. I expect this comment to be moderated and not viewable by others. Just wanted you to have piece of mind in knowing I would never disclose the name of our employer nor would I openly discuss your personal blog at work. Good day Kerry hope to see you around


    1. I’ll be there. I’m actually the moderator so your comments will be public. The name of our employer is not relevant to my stories so I appreciate your discretion; Thanks for the comments. K


  3. Loved the many great stories, especially the ones about the built-in storage compartments and potential weapons us women have been adorned with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BTW. I have never ceased to be amazed by the storage that I have seen coming from from a woman’s bra and breasts. The volume of material being removed seem to defy the laws of physics.


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