Hunting for Cougars

Apparently I have skills at performing match making functions for straight people. I even have hookup skills for young straight people but those are a lot easier.  These are more about sex and less about love. Young people, in my opinion, think about sex in a much healthier way than the world I grew up in.  … More Hunting for Cougars

Just For You

Usually I tend to be self-deprecating on my posts. However, when I went to elementary school in Duncan, OK, I was adorable. The tiny Catholic elementary school I went to was about a half a mile from our house. I used to walk back and forth to school experiencing new adventures every day. Like most … More Just For You

K-Dog on Patrol

I had a couple of young guys shopping with me once and we were enjoying each other’s company. Sometimes customers think some of the things I say are funny but these guys were laughing their heads off. They selected their purchases so we went to the payment stand. I’m a realist and know that I … More K-Dog on Patrol

Clean the Pipes

I don’t mean to pick on one of my college buddies but when in school I used to hang out with Valerie Bernard, Monica Stunkard and Jesse Barnes. The four of us spent hours and hours playing cards and visiting. Monica and Valerie were kind enough to usually host our little group. Once when I … More Clean the Pipes

High School Sex Education

My high school graduation nearly 50 years ago has been generating flashbacks of experiences at Bishop Kelly High School as well as Tulsa, OK. Two of my best friends in high school were Chris Milberger and Chris Bernard. I remember one summer the two Chris’s and I we’re hanging out together and ended up downtown. … More High School Sex Education

Don’t Fence Me In

When I was a young pup my parents moved to a small town in Oklahoma where my dad had been recruited for a new job.   Our first apartment was a block away from the only highway through town.  I was a happy and precocious child who had great “Houdini” skills.  My parents tried to contain … More Don’t Fence Me In

Hide Your Thong

My Mom gave my two sisters and me advice on wearing white clothing – especially trousers.  She told us when we were shopping that we should always put our hand inside white clothing – if you could see your hand – the garment is too transparent and your modesty could be compromised.  Today I saw … More Hide Your Thong