The Boyfriend and the Girls

My walks in the park are the highlight of my day. It’s not because of all the exercise, It’s more because I am a noisy old man with no filter and I talk to everyone I pass. If they are pleasant when responding they may have the fun experience of talking to a pleasant man that really wants to know more about them. Yesterday, I actually met several people but my favorites were two young women who were getting out of a car. They were very stylish so I stopped to complement them on how pretty they looked, They told me they were stylists and had an appointment in one of the surrounding office buildings. You could tell they had an excellent upbringing because they told me how fashionable I was. When I go out walking, I don’t wear my best clothes and I’m always wearing my orthopedic shoes. I know the compliment was well-intended and they were raised with good manners. I thanked them for the compliment and did brag about a new pair of green shoes I had just order and hoped I would be more fashionable the next time I saw them. They asked if I lived in the area and I pointed out the building we live in. They seemed to want more information about my use of the word “we” so I told them about my boyfriend. Now I wasn’t being completely honest, I have a husband, not a boyfriend. I do however have a friend that is kind of a joke buddy. What distinguishes him from others I swap jokes with is that our jokes push extreme limits sometimes and we have been known to punk each other. I’ve written about my friend before. He tells the world he’s a straight man and I respect his right to do so. I pulled up a photo of my friend to show the two women and identified him as my boyfriend. They commented that he was a nice-looking man (like I say, they are very polite). I asked the ladies if I could take a picture of them to show him and they agreed. They posed and I snapped. They had to get to their business meeting and I had far exceeded my normal walk time so I picked up my walking pace heading home. The three of us hoped to see each other again.

I texted my friend and sent him the picture I had taken of the nice ladies. He agreed with me they were beautiful women. I told him I hoped he would get an opportunity to meet them but explained they might have the impression he was my boyfriend. I suggested they might be more comfortable with a brotherly type relationship. To make myself perfectly clear, I explained I was not talking about the cool “brotha” kind of way but more the sibling kind of way. He responded he thought he could overcome that hurdle. Later, I took a look and his picture again and then looked at the two women. It occurs that the best he might do was having a parental relationship with the ladies. My walks always make my day.