Honest Work

Cash is the dirtiest thing people in retail handle.  Cash is nasty because it passes through so many hands and is hidden in so many places.  Usually you have no idea where money has been.  Occasionally you can guess its origin which makes it worse. One morning last winter I had the opening shift at … More Honest Work

Mardi Gras Experience

Before Katrina, Ed and I took a Caribbean cruise with our best friends.  The highlight of the cruise was two days in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  None of us had been to Mardi Gras before and were looking forward to the festivities.  Upon leaving the ship we were thrust into huge crowds everywhere.  An … More Mardi Gras Experience

Trip to Brazil

When I first started working in retail, I would sometimes help out in Women’s Shoes. Their customers are a tough crowd and far different than they’re male counterparts.  One of the times I was helping out, an attractive middle age lady came in and made her shoe selections. I came back with the shoes requested … More Trip to Brazil

Dressing for Work

I had a customer at my retail gig yesterday that was a joy to work with.  Usually I don’t include the race, ethnicity or religion of any of the folks I talk about because it’s not relevant.  However, in this case it is a relevant fact.  A young thin Black man approached me for help … More Dressing for Work

Show Me Tattoos

One thing that is almost always true is that men and women with multiple tattoos are exhibitionists.  Combine that with men who spend most of their free time in a gym making their bodies as perfect as possible, you can be guaranteed they are exhibitionists.  I have tested this theory several times and have never … More Show Me Tattoos