What Next?

I think I started down dimentia road yesterday. I got up and got dressed as usual. Later, when I went to the bathroom, I almost wet myself when I couldn’t find the front door to my boxers. It was only with quick thinking that I was able to avert disaster by pulling the boxers down … More What Next?

Lace Front Twists

A couple of weeks ago, I met a man named Demarcus working in our building and I mentioned I was taking a comedy class. He suggested I take a look at a comedian who performed as Black Ron. I went searching for Black Ron and I was completely unsuccessful. A couple of days ago, I … More Lace Front Twists

Call the Fire Department

My favorite daughter-in-law is on the road. I knew she was going to be in Texas but didn’t know she was going to be in Georgetown, TX. I haven’t been there in many years but I understand it has grown considerably with Austin’s urban sprawl. When I was in college, my grandmother passed away. She … More Call the Fire Department

The Colonel is Back

Recently, I have been introduced to a cannaboid product that, at least in this man’s view, is nearly miraculous. It’s made from the hemp plant and in a short period of time made a significant and unexpected improvement to my quality of life. Additionally, the longer I take it I realize there are side effects. … More The Colonel is Back

Sartorial Style

In our communal seniority, especially in the winter, our friends have developed a sartorial style that I’m not crazy about.  They love their sweat pants.  Around the house is fine. However, they also wear sweat pants to do grocery shopping, go to COSTCO or run errands. As a son of the South, I was taught … More Sartorial Style

Motor Boating

Ed thinks I’m obsessed with breasts which he thinks is odd for a gay man.  I disagree, the difference is I notice and talk about anything and everything.  I think a lot of gay men don’t notice women’s breasts and if they do, they don’t say anything about it.  I have no carnal fascination.  One … More Motor Boating

Bare Essentials

About 20 years ago, I decided it was time to deal with my body shyness.  My way of facing this issue head on was to join a nudist club.  The group I joined was strictly social – meaning hanky panky was cause for expulsion.  My first meeting was very stressful.  The members wore stick on … More Bare Essentials

Welcome to America

One of the things I learned in grade school was the concept of America as a melting pot. The idea that people from all over the world, regardless of their nationality, race or religion came together to make a stronger nation was powerful to me. I have never changed my view. Over the past few … More Welcome to America