Gay Lifestyle?

Many years ago, a man I worked with told me he enjoyed working with me and he had met my partner (later husband) Ed and thought he was a really nice man. However, he had to admit that as hard as he tried, he couldn’t understand the gay lifestyle. I thought about it a few minutes and told him I couldn’t understand it either because I didn’t know what it was. If he ever found out what it was, I asked him to let me know. Ed and I’ve been together as a couple for over 40 years and have experienced good time and bad times, practiced our Faith and have done our best to treat all people with dignity and respect. During those years we served in the military, we worked in the private sector, raised a family, paid our taxes, cared for our elderly mothers and are now retired. This elusive topic of a gay life style has come up more times than I can remember. The conclusion I have come to, and this may be alarming to my homophobic friends, if we live a gay lifestyle then all straight people must also live a gay lifestyle. I do hate to disappoint but there are no secret activities that go on behind closed doors. Do me a favor if you ever ask me about the gay lifestyle. Please explain what it is first because I don’t have a clue.

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  1. My partner and I have been together for–wait a minute while I figure this out–42 years now. I’m also trying to figure out what a gay lifestyle is. Presumably it’s different for lesbians, if for no other reason than that it involves cats, so we have to work that into the calculations. But it’s worse than that: I’m also trying to figure out what a lifestyle is. Is it different than a plain ol’ life?

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  2. Yesterday I started a new training class. I’m trying to learn about the mechanics of being a “Stand Up Comic”. As part of introductions we were asked to tell five things that were unique about us. I said one of the most unique things about me was my husband and I would be celebrating out 43rd anniversary next month which is unusual in our community. As an after thought I said that was unique in any community now. We are also cat people. We are not obnoxious about it but we work hard to live our lives the we believe our God expects. Never perfect but very happy.

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    1. To balance the scales, my partner and I aren’t religious, but I don’t believe that religion’s the only place a person can learn or keep morality. Clearly, your beliefs work for you and they sound like they’ve underscored your kindness. Sounds good to me.


  3. We actually agree completely. Ed and I are men of Faith but we are not religious. We believe most religions pursue wealth and power and provide minitry only when it’s in their best interest – not the interest of the marginalized. The fact we believe our God makes no junk and God’s gifts make us who we are. That excludes us from most religions. Both being cradle Catholics with 28 years of combined Catholic education, our religion and others discarded us far too long ago to accept moral guidance from them now. The do no have that right.


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