Motor Boating

Ed thinks I’m obsessed with breasts which he thinks is odd for a gay man.  I disagree, the difference is I notice and talk about anything and everything.  I think a lot of gay men don’t notice women’s breasts and if they do, they don’t say anything about it.  I have no carnal fascination.  One … More Motor Boating

Killer Breasts

A woman made a comment recently that reminded me of a near death experience I had with a pair of monster breasts. I feel lucky to have survived. At this point in my life I am proud of the man I have become. I was born with gifts that are individual to me and one … More Killer Breasts


One day I was assigned duties as store greeter for our main entrance because of being on restricted duty and not being able to stay on my feet.  I found myself in new territory since all of this floor is women’s wear.  All of my work is normally in the Men’s department which is located … More Brassieres