Honor the Giver

When I graduated into the “real world”, I had spent 12 years in Catholic schools and was well indoctrinated. Although I think I got a great education, I’m not sure adding religion into the mix is a good idea. Two concepts that were front and center were: The idea that physical pleasure that came from … More Honor the Giver

What Next?

I think I started down dimentia road yesterday. I got up and got dressed as usual. Later, when I went to the bathroom, I almost wet myself when I couldn’t find the front door to my boxers. It was only with quick thinking that I was able to avert disaster by pulling the boxers down … More What Next?

Lace Front Twists

A couple of weeks ago, I met a man named Demarcus working in our building and I mentioned I was taking a comedy class. He suggested I take a look at a comedian who performed as Black Ron. I went searching for Black Ron and I was completely unsuccessful. A couple of days ago, I … More Lace Front Twists

Virgin Shoes

In one of my retail gigs I sold men’s shoes. If you’ve opened a lot of boxes of shoes which I have, nothing looks nicer than opening a box and seeing shoes that have been packed well. It may sound a little strange but I’m compulsively tidy. If you are familiar with the cultural reference, … More Virgin Shoes

New Rule

Around 15 years ago, we moved to a condo as our home.  It involved downsizing but it met all of our requirements.  It is close to parks and within walking distance to shopping, restaurants and entertainment.  We are on a fairly high floor which gives us beautiful views.  The halls are wide enough for any … More New Rule

Call the Fire Department

My favorite daughter-in-law is on the road. I knew she was going to be in Texas but didn’t know she was going to be in Georgetown, TX. I haven’t been there in many years but I understand it has grown considerably with Austin’s urban sprawl. When I was in college, my grandmother passed away. She … More Call the Fire Department

GPS Around the World

Republished because followers did not receive the map. Usually I love the GPS in my car.  It does misbehave occasionally.  On the few occasions it goes badly, it goes very, very badly.  Today was one of those days.  Earlier in the week I signed up for a “bring your lunch” meeting hosted by a working … More GPS Around the World

Light of my Life

I just left an annoyed Ed (my long-suffering husband) in the apartment. I was telling him about an article I had read but his attention was focused on the front of his cell phone. The flashlight on his phone was on while he was fiddling with something on the screen. The beam from the flashlight … More Light of my Life