Am I Gay?

Saturday I worked at my retail gig selling shoes.  A young couple came in who let me know they were really looking forward to getting home to watch a fight on TV.  The guy asked me if I was also going to watch the fight.  I explained that I was more of a lover than a fighter so it wasn’t on my schedule. As we kept talking, he asked me “Do you have a woman?”  I refrained from expressing my feelings about his phraseology and simply said “No, my husband won’t let me have one”.  His response was surprising.  “You’re not gay!”  I thanked him for the information and told him it gave me something to think about.  Then he said: “I know you’re not gay, you’re too old.  When you were young they didn’t have gay people.”  As he was leaving, he told his girlfriend/wife “I know he’s not gay.”  After all these years it’s a huge surprise to find out I’m really straight.  I’m not sure I know how to tell Ed.