Pink Kitty

One of the nicknames several people have for me is “The Pink Kitty”.  One morning I was talking to several ladies in the cosmetics department who are all morning people which I most genuinely am not.  The ladies were giving me all the reasons they thought I should join them in being an early riser.  I asked the ladies if they had ever seen pictures of hairless cats (the breed, not shaved).  They all agreed they had seen pictures of these cats. I asked if they didn’t think those cats were kind of ugly because of being all pink, hairless and wrinkled?  Again, they all agreed.  I told them when I got up in the morning I threw on a pair of sweat sox. that I looked very much like one of those hairless cats.  The ladies all laughed at me and named the the Pink Kitty.    I have been the pink kitty ever since.

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