Tool Belt Multitasking

Once when shopping at Home Depot, I saw a leather tool belt.  It was nice looking but a little expensive.  A couple of the employees said the belt wasn’t moving because of the price.  I suggested the problem was not so much the price as the marketing technique. Since most of the people who buy tool belts are men, they needed to find an additional feature to give the leather belt more value. My suggestion was to tell shoppers the belt was a sturdy work accessory; however, it could also have an evening home utility.  I told them they could suggest to customers that they take the belt into the house in the evening. At bed time, take the tool belt into the bathroom with them to take a shower. Come out of the bathroom wearing nothing but the tool belt and do a little dance for their wives.  I thought there was a good chance they would have a positive reaction.  I don’t know if my advice worked but I bought the product and have used it as a tool belt and as a costume accessory in my stripping act.