Good Buy

When I lived in England I attended antique auctions from time to time. At one of these auctions, there was a 19th century wheel chair that came up for sale (in much better shape than the one pictured). It was cooler than it sounds. It was a straight back large oak chair on wheels. The back and the seat were finished with woven wicker. The seat was on hinges and when you lifted up the seat, there was a removable chamber pot which could be removed for cleaning. I had no interest in the item but the auctioneer kept dropping the opening bid until he announced the minimum bid was 5 Pounds (at the time about $9.00). There was still no interest in the chair and at that price so I went ahead and bought it. I took it home and cleaned the chair thoroughly in my garden and left it outside to air out. When I went to bed, I brought the chair into the kitchen. The next morning when I went down to the kitchen for coffee, I almost gagged. The kitchen smelled like a urinal at a busy pub. I tossed the chair back into the garden and went to work. When I got home, I cleaned the chair again thoroughly with full strength bleach. I brought the chair back into the kitchen for a couple of hours with the same result. I left the chair in the garden until an American girl living in my village took it off my hands. Just because the price is great doesn’t make it a good buy.