Last week at my retail gig I had a customer come in with her two teenage children.  The kids were a handful and not showing the lady a lot of respect.  Because she was having a bad day I treated her with extra respect and kept her laughing.  When we got to the counter, I used a coupon to save her a good amount of money.  While I was finishing up with her, she told me she could marry me.  I told her “Thank You” and we finished the transaction.  She then asked if I was married to which I replied that I was.  She then asked:  “Happily?”  Once again I responded that I was.  I told her I was married to a man and I thought the only thing I could do when we went to bed was her hair – and I couldn’t do that well.  She responded: “That’ll work.”  It might work for her but I’m very happy where I am.