15th Anniversary

Ed and I took our first cruise for our 15th Anniversary.   Not only was it our first cruise, it was also our first “all gay” cruise.  We traveled with two other couples who were best friends.  It was early days in gay cruise business so the ship wasn’t particularly nice or up to date but it was a wonderful time and became the first of many gay cruises we’ve experienced.  There are some big demographic differences between straight and gay cruises passengers besides the obvious.  My experience has been the vast majority of adults on a gay cruise are “middle aged”.  Also, there are about 90% men, 5% women and another 5% children on a gay cruise.  The entertainment is specifically oriented to appeal to a gay audience including Broadway and Hollywood entertainers.  Because of the demographics, dances are held on the pool deck of the ship because the lounges are too small and music is played by world class DJs.  Months prior to our cruise I was gathering 15 gifts I planned to give Ed for our anniversary.  Have you ever tried to find 15 meaningful gifts for a single person?  I can tell you it’s a difficult task.  The presents ranged from practical to slightly naughty to romantic.  I wrapped all the gifts uniquely (for example, one of the naughtier gifts was wrapped in a Tiffany’s box).  My friends agreed to carry the gifts onto the ship in their luggage.  Once on board I found strangers to give two to three gifts individually every day.  I selected stewards, waiters, cocktail servers and other guests to give the gifts to Ed at different times.  During the last night’s dinner the most romantic gift was served to Ed on a side dish with dessert and coffee.  Usually I’m telling jokes without a filter.  However, I’m really a very romantic guy.