Matchmaker Tribulations

I’m a happily married man.  Despite the fact we’ve been together over 40 years, I can’t imagine being happier or more in love, even now.  Because of the joy I get from my relationship, I feel the need to help others find that special feeling. The people around me know of my urge to make matches and, despite my good intentions, they see it as a minor character flaw. My friend Tristina has an equally attractive and fun best friend named Farissa. She is single and, although she tells me she enjoys being single, I see a longing behind her dark eyes for that perfect somebody.  Recently she picked up a shift in the adjacent department so we spent an entire day working together. I took the opportunity to try to find the right combination of machismo, good looks and warmth to find the ying for her yang. Knowing we were only going to have one day together, I increased my input of caffeine and went to work. She was a bit of a challenge because she ruled out several potential groups right away; however, I began providing her potential suitors almost immediately. Farissa rejected all of the men I proposed going so far as to refuse to meet with some of the possible partners.  Although my purpose was to provide Farissa with time tested match making skills, she referred to my efforts as “pimping her out”.  Although not a quitter, I decided to leave my task undone. Her lack of appreciation for my efforts was hurtful.