Call the Fire Department

My favorite daughter-in-law is on the road. I knew she was going to be in Texas but didn’t know she was going to be in Georgetown, TX. I haven’t been there in many years but I understand it has grown considerably with Austin’s urban sprawl.

When I was in college, my grandmother passed away. She and my grandfather had been together for over 50 years and were obviously very deeply in love. Although I wouldn’t have said it then, my grandmother was kind of a mean lady to all but a few. She treated my grandfather very well. When she died, my grandfather was in his 90s and helpless. He had never cooked for himself and certainly knew nothing about housekeeping.

His crazy sister was about the same age and lived in a tiny house in Georgetown. She was always afraid the neighbors thought she was a whore because she was single and living alone. She invited her brother to live with her and he moved in. Georgetown at the time was a tiny hamlet in the country were everyone’s house was on a large lot. Her lawn was about the worst looking in town because it was overgrown with weeds. There was little the two of them could do at their ages, especially considering my grandfather had cataracts. They turned out to be a really good match and were really comfortable together.

Christmas came, One might wonder who would give a flame thrower to a 90 year old man with cataracts. Nonetheless, he had one wrapped under the tree. The correct answer would be his crazy 90 year old sister with a weed problem. My grandfather loved the gift.

Several months later my grandfather took his new toy out for it’s first test run. The test did not go well. The flame thrower worked perfectly and created a small prairie fire that began spreading rapidly. Small towns should alway be grateful for their volunteer fire departments. The Georgetown Voluntary Fire Department along with the assistance of the volunteer departements in two neighboring towns were successful in putting the fire(s) out without damage to life or property. As a result, Georgetown has grown into the town it is today.