Light of my Life

I just left an annoyed Ed (my long-suffering husband) in the apartment. I was telling him about an article I had read but his attention was focused on the front of his cell phone. The flashlight on his phone was on while he was fiddling with something on the screen. The beam from the flashlight kept landing in my eyes like a laser. I asked him to please turn it off and he responded by telling me that he was trying but he thought the camera was broken. When I told him that it wasn’t the camera, it was the flashlight, I realized I had just identified a feature on his phone he was unaware of till that moment. Being the sensitive guy I am, I began laughing loud and hard while I took the instrument from his hands and turned the flashlight off. His annoyance was obvious as he said: “You think you’re pretty smart, don’t you”  I thought about it for a moment and replied: “Yes, I do”.  The look on his face suggested it would be a good time to step out of the house. I grabbed my hat and told him I was going for a short walk.  I’m sure once I get back home, the incident will be a forgotten memory. Fingers crossed.