When Ed and I Got Together – San Antonio (Part I)

Over the next few weeks I’m going write about how Ed and I got together. For many of you it will probably be too long to read but for me, it was the most important journey in my life and one that God had a hand in. It spans three continents and four countries. Ed and I met when we were both assigned to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. It took Ed a little longer but, for me, it was love a first sight.  Although both personnel officers, we worked on opposite sides of the base. As new 2LTs we were both picked to represent our respective units on the Lackland Junior Officers Council. We became casual friends until Ed was reassigned to Korat AB, Thailand. I was very confused at the time trying to reject all gay feelings and couldn’t understand the strong attachment I felt toward Ed. He had a wife and a son, John. I tried hard to dismiss my feelings because I was trying to find a way to “cure” myself of my gayness and it would have been a lost cause anyway. Lackland is a basic training base and is not a great place for folks on permanent assignment. Shortly after Ed was reassigned, I volunteered for any assignment anywhere in the world, any tour length. In other words, I asked to be reassigned to any arm pit assignment just to get away from Lackland. I figured that the worst assignments only lasted for a year and then I could move on to a better place. My efforts paid off and about six months later I received reassignment orders to Thailand. About a month after that I got a letter from Ed telling me he was at Korat and he was going to be my sponsor.  I should let him know if I needed any information,  We talked a couple of times and I was excited about seeing him again

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    1. Thanks, I have gotten as far as Thailand. I still have installments that carry us through Germany, England and finally to Dallas.


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