My Life As a Male Stripper (2)

The first step in my reinvention needed to be my “nom de plume”. Using my last name of Day, after a lot of thoughts and a couple of focus groups with friends and fellow professionals, I decided to use the stage name of “The Longest Day”. Of course the name was not about to stand up to scrutiny so I went to an industrial chemical company to have a very life like prosthetic device fabricated. I hired an older but still very well know film star of the adult genre to fill the role as model. It took six months but I wanted the work to be done correctly. When the project was completed, I had a terrific new best friend who is still with me today. As with any manufactured body part it has it’s limitations but it bounces and swings naturally. As long as it didn’t have to pass the tactile test no one would know the difference. After much research, I decided on clown glue to attach it to my body (the kind clowns us to keep their noses on their face). While waiting for the prosthetic device to be completed I was busy establishing relationships with businesses looking for the perfect location for my debut. In the end, I selected the Dallas Greyhound Bus Station Cocktail Bar (it was the only place that told me I could perform). My dancing was going to be performed on the counter behind the bar which guaranteed me that I would not have to worry about anyone feeling me up. Because of my endless practice and a couple of focus groups involving friends and fellow professionals, I was finally ready to enter the world of bumping and grinding. I even developed my signature “Dance of the One Eyed Snake” which I still perform to this day. I was ready for my first performance which I will talk about in “Life of a Male Stripper (3)”.