Hip, Hip, Hooray

In 2011, Ed had the first of two hips replaced.  He was in a lot of pain and was really happy when he found out he was a good candidate for surgery.  Two weeks before the surgery, the hospital held a class for knee/hip replacement patients and spouses to explain the procedures and let us know what to expect.  A couple of days before surgery, we met with the doctor to do a final short exam and answer any questions.  As I understand it, most doctors replace the hip through the back which requires muscles to be cut; recovery time is not completed until the muscles heal.  Ed’s doctor replaced the hip through the front allowing him to spread muscles – not cut them, which significantly reduced recovery time.  The doctor answered all of Ed’s questions and then asked me if I had any.  Have I mentioned that Ed has spoiled me?  The only question I could think of was how soon Ed could be back in the kitchen preparing meals.  The doctor said he could be cooking the day after he left the hospital.  I was extremely happy with the answer.  The day of surgery, they had Ed up and walking within 15 minutes out of surgery.  The next day he walked out of the hospital and I took him home. That night he cooked a nice meal.  The only difference was that on workdays Ed usually serves me in bed on a tray.  That night I put the food he prepared on a tray for him and I ate at the table.