Taking My Walk

One of the best decisions Ed and I ever made was purchasing our current home because of the neighborhood. We are literally surrounded by parks. There used to be a railroad that ran adjacent to the park which has been converted to a walking and cycling pathway called the Katy Trail. Within walking distance is … More Taking My Walk

The Colonel is Back

Recently, I have been introduced to a cannaboid product that, at least in this man’s view, is nearly miraculous. It’s made from the hemp plant and in a short period of time made a significant and unexpected improvement to my quality of life. Additionally, the longer I take it I realize there are side effects. … More The Colonel is Back

Friends Indeed

Once I saw two elderly gentlemen (more elderly than Ed and I) in a store walking arm in arm while they were shopping. I approached them and said they were an example to all folks about the beauty of a relationship between two men.  I further told them my heart was warmed by their courage … More Friends Indeed

Pacemaker Stat

Ed and I were recently at an airport where we were both pre-checked for security (meaning – old people).   However, the result was different for each of us.  Ed and I have become big bags of spare parts.   When they asked if there were any issues with x-rays, Ed told them he had two artificial … More Pacemaker Stat

Checking Vitals

Ed and I are rapidly approaching our 15th wedding anniversary.  Ed and I lived in sin for the first 28 years.  We took advantage of getting married as soon as it became available.  Although joined at the hip during the day, when we go to sleep at night we are very different people.  Ed is … More Checking Vitals