A couple of decades ago I was in Manhattan on business.  One day I finished my appointments by midafternoon and found myself near a Greenwich Village.  I went in to have a quick drink before heading to my hotel.  The bar was almost deserted and I watched a game show on TV while nursing my drink.  The only man I can remember at the bar was much older with two wheeled vehicles by his stool.  One was a walker and the other was an oxygen tank.  While watching the game show, a very handsome young man walked up to me and started talking.  We chatted and he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say.  He asked where I was staying and I got uncomfortable because while I was really flattered,I was also self-conscious because I didn’t know how to handle a come on.  I told him about Ed and that I wasn’t interested.  We said goodbye and he moved on.  A few minutes later I noticed he had moved on to the older guy with the walker and oxygen.  I went from feeling flattered to feeling naïve.  The handsome young man was apparently a working man and I was one of only two prospects available.

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