Horizontal Mambo

There used to be a woman I knew at my retail gig who was a “fragrance lady”.  You know who I’m talking about – you walk into a department store and suddenly you have a card smelling like perfume in your hand.   I saw this woman frequently and we would joke around with each other.  We had become buddies. One day while we were on break she suggested that I come by her place after work.  She thought we might have fun doing the horizontal mambo.  She suggested she knew a couple of activities I was probably unaware of.  While not the first time I have been offered this type of opportunity, it was certainly the first time I been made this offer in twenty years.  Also, as buddies, I had given her information about me personally including about my marriage and husband.  I was minimally flattered but not interested.  I explained that at this point in my life, I had no interest in learning any new tricks.  She told me, as if it would sweeten the deal, that she had some Viagra at here place.  I looked at her and said that the two of us with Viagra would give me nothing but a headache.  I plan on sticking to what I’m very, very, good at backed up by lots of experience.  Ed and I have been together over 40 years and are happy with our life.  This woman is no longer contracted at the gig I used to work at but her offer was a loser from the beginning. 

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