I’m Not Orville

On several occasions I have been mistaken for Orville Redenbacher.  If I had been given the opportunity to select my doppelganger, I know Orville would not have made the list.  However, it is what it is, and I accept that I have aged into some of his characteristics.  Like Orville, I wear horned rim glasses, often when dressed up I sport a bow tie and suspenders.  A common moniker for me is the “old guy with a bow tie” which further lends to people seeing Orville.  In my post-retirement gigs I have been asked several times if I am Mr. Redenbacher.  Once a woman told me how happy I should be about our similar appearances.

Orville died in 1995 after a career as a successful popcorn king.  I consider myself a vital, healthy older guy who even has a certain level of sex appeal.  Whenever I look at pictures of Orville, my thoughts never wander to how much sex appeal he has.  It is easier for me to put him out of my mind.