A woman at work recently complained that her boyfriend goes commando under his basketball shorts. She said his manhood flops around like an eel out of water.  She said it kind of embarrasses her and he doesn’t know how it looks.  I stopped her there and told her: “Of course he knows how it looks, that’s why he goes commando”.  He’s no more clueless than the large breasted woman in the push up bra.  I hadn’t met the young man but I told his girlfriend that I was sure he had above average equipment and was letting people know it.  I told her that men with large genitalia primarily use basketball shorts, sweat pants and hospital scrubs without underwear to showcase their pride and joy.  I assured her that men with average and teeny weenies are always sporting undergarments of some type. I suggested she tell him that a gay friend assured her the majority of folks checking out his junk were gay dudes.  If, after telling him that, he continues to go commando, she needs to find another boyfriend.