Two Peas in a Pod

When Ed and I got together in Germany, we rented a two bedroom apartment in a very quaint small village named Kyllburg.  The base where we worked had a shortage of housing for single officers so it was no problem getting permission to live off base.  With permission to live off base came access to loaner furniture since we didn’t have any of our own in Germany.  We decided to buy living room and dining room furniture so we only needed bedroom loaner furniture.  Since, as far as the military was concerned, we were two single officers, we were only entitled to single beds.  German beds are shorter than American beds. Because we frequently socialized we had to maintain separate bedrooms.  We each set up our bedrooms and took turns every night sleeping in each other’s room. We shared a single bed for two years which is hard to conceive of doing now.  While we never thought anything of it, I now realize that the fact we slept this way for two years is an example of how close we were then and continue to feel now. Ed made me sleep on the side against the wall.  It was a good thing I didn’t have to get up at night to go to the bathroom then like I do now.