The Things You See

A woman once came walking through the shoe department with her boyfriend (or whatever); She was wearing a black combination bustier and corset (I had to actually do research on Google last night to identify the garment).  Her ample bosoms appeared ready to break free from their restraints with each step like Betty Boop.  Her waist was made even tinier than normal by the laces that were pulled tight in the back of the corset.  She finished off the outfit with what appeared to be black leather panties and fish net stocking with openings so large a medium sized fish could swim through without interference.  She finished off the outfit with stiletto boots.  I couldn’t tell if her dress was casual or occupational wear.  I decided that discretion was the better part of valor so I did not question her (anyway her tattoos were a little intimidating).  It’s amazing what you can see if you keep your eyes open.