Open the Barn

On days that I worked, Ed prepared and packed a lunch for me before I got up in the morning.   He wants to make sure I eat healthy (have I mentioned I am spoiled).   As a result, I usually ate in the employee break room dominated by a large TV usually tuned to shows that determine paternity by lie detector test.   Most of the people in the break room were women whom I have gotten to know well.   One day while eating lunch I dropped some crumbs into what turned out to be my open fly.   I said something about my fly being opened and let them know I was a little upset.   They assured me they would have said something if they had noticed.   I told them I wasn’t upset because nobody said anything.   My ego was crushed because I had been at work for four hours and not one person had looked at my middle region.  I guess I have reached the age that no one is at all interested in glancing at my crotch.

3 thoughts on “Open the Barn

  1. There is great freedom in being a toothless dog of an old man. Outrageous behavior and leaving your fly open is excused by your age and approaching senility. It bothered me at first but then I decided to embrace my age and become a “local character” of Port O’Connor. Few know me but everybody knows of me – the crazy old guy who wears Hawaiian shirts, rides a scooter with a small dog in a basket on the back, and is always friendly. I must admit that some think I’m too weird but those are the folks Texas) by the way.


  2. Last two sentences should have been. “I must admit that some think I’m too weird but those are the folks I don’t want to associate with anyway. Honey is the most photographed dog in Port O’Connor (if not Texas) by the way.” Sorry for the error.

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