Roommate Wanted

One of my early training schools was held in Tulsa, OK.  I had gone to high school and college while living in Tulsa so I wanted a car to visit old friends while in training.  I drove from Dallas to Tulsa arriving at the Residence Inn after 10:00 at night.  I went to the front desk to check in and get my key.  MetLife career trainees almost always share a hotel room.  The room I had been assigned was on two levels and my roommate had apparently chosen the upstairs area since I could hear him showering.  I immediately busied myself with unpacking.  Since we had an early morning ahead of us, I undressed, got into the downstairs bed and turned on the TV.  Although I was aware of the shower being turned off I didn’t pay a lot of attention.  My roommate came downstairs so I got up to introduce myself in my boxers and tee shirt.   When I saw my roommate for the first time I found that he was a she in a shortie night gown and an open robe.  When she saw me, she let out a short scream and closed her robe.  I felt surprisingly naked in my underwear and quickly put my pants on.  Fortunately, she had the presence of mind to allow me to explain my part in the error and I really was assigned as her roommate.  One quick call to the office and we both had individual rooms.  I have never packed up faster than I did to get out of the first room.    The next day in our training class, we discovered that the person who assigned rooms saw my name (Kerry) and, without looking any further into the records, assumed I was a female.  Although Kerry is a strong Irish man’s name, it was the first time this person had seen it which was not the first time this had happened to me growing up in Oklahoma.  Although it was a simple clerical error, the guys in the class assigned me some kind of strange machismo image because I had initially been assigned to a room with a woman.  It was a strange experience that has never been repeated.