Gay Giant

A buddy of mine at my retail gig was promoted to manage Ladies Departments on the first floor of the building as opposed to the second floor where all of the men’s departments are located.  Although I miss this young man because he was one of my favorite sparring partners, I’m also happy for him because he wanted this increase in responsibilities.  My affectionate nickname for him was “Gay Giant” or “GG”.  “GG” is a mountain of a man at 6’6” although he’s as gentle as a preening kitty.  While I would never call him heavy, it was clear that he’d never missed a meal.  His towering height is capped off by hair in a top knot.  For those of you who watched cable network’s FX show called American Horror Freak Show, his hair appears to be modeled after the style sported by the two pin heads.  Because of his rise to a management position, I told him I would not call him “Gay Giant” anymore.  I now refer to him as “Young Man” which is my moniker for all males regardless of age.   He had been assigned two departments.  The first is Handbags which is a natural.  If anyone can pull off modeling a fashionable woman’s bag it’s “GG”.   The second department, Women’s Petites, is a little bit more problematic.  For mem who are unfamiliar with the “petite” designations, Women’s Petites is an area providing fashionable clothing for itty-bitty women.  These are women that might be alarmed by his towering presence – the picture of Godzilla attacking the city comes to mind.  However, he readily meets the challenge and tiny customers came to love him.  If our “sexual harassment” definition had not been so limiting, I’m sure he could have gotten positive feedback by giving these small women pony rides around the store.  Good luck my good friend – I wish you the best.

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  1. I hired two guys in my working days who were both 6’6″. Both were named Brad too. We were a real hit entering meeting rooms and auditoriums. Me 5’9″ on my best days flanked by Brad and Brad. Good times.


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