I’m Straight!

If you are on Facebook, I imagine you have seen the tests that claim they can correctly determine personal characteristics if you answer ten questions.  I’ve seen tests to determine your favorite music, your age based on political views, etc.  I see these surveys as a waste of time since they are designed to predict information we already know.  Recently I saw one I respond to because it was a hoot.  It was a survey to determine whether I was gay or straight (I am unequivocally gay).  I took the test honestly but was surprised by the questions.  I couldn’t find any connection between gay or straight in the questions.  When I completed the test and clicked the final button, I learned I was straight!!  Ed and I recently celebrated the 39th anniversary of our relationship and the 11th anniversary of our marriage.  When I got home, I told Ed (tongue in cheek) that we might have to split up because I discovered that I was straight.  Initially puzzled I told Ed about the test.  He and I both thought the result was hilarious and we both marveled the lack of scientific basis for the test.  Ed decided he was going to take the test himself.  He took it sitting next to me mocking every question because of the seeming lack of relevance.  When Ed hit the final button, he was told he was gay.  His sense of levity was replaced by indignation that we didn’t both achieve the same result.  I now believe these tests are not only silly, they also have the potential to disrupt domestic harmony.