My mother was a very fashionable woman.  She taught me how to combine and coordinate clothing and how to determine quality of garments.  She instilled in me that first impressions were crucial and that I should dress well when I leave the house.  My mom used to say it wasn’t important to have a large wardrobe (although she always had one), it was more important to have several very good items of clothing and change them up by accessorizing.  I have taken my Mom’s advice to heart and work to accessorize in ways to set my appearance apart.  When I work I wear a brighly colored bow tie every day along with suspenders with unique designs and patterns.  I match my boxers but I share that vision with very few and top it off by accessorizinh with seasonally appropriate hats.  When I go to work, my habit has been to take off my hat and leave it on a tall shelf behind me until I go home.  Apparently hats are becoming more popular because I have begun to have a problem with mine.  It all started about a month ago when a man was looking at shoes behind me while I was ringing up a sale.  The man behind me said:  “I like this but I can’t find a price”.  I turned around and found the man was wearing my hat.  I told him the hat was mine and was not for sale.  This has happened about a half dozen times in the last month so I have begun hiding my hat in the back store room.  However; old habits are hard to break and I occasionally leave my hat on the sales floor.  Because of hygiene issues I’m not crazy about perfect strangers putting my hat on their heads.  Yesterday, I approached the cash register and found two guys with my hat passing it back and forth to trying it on.  I told them it was my hat and not for sale.  One of the young men kept my hat on while he told me he really liked it.  I suggested he may want to take the hat off because I was having a problem with head lice.  He didn’t bother to take the hat off with his hand – he bent double and let the hat fall off his head onto the floor.  He then walked away without saying goodbye.  I rescued my hat and put it in the back.  Just to make it perfectly clear, I’ve never had problems with head lice.