Cupid’s Old Helper

Once, returning from my break at my retail gig, I was surprised to see two women from another area standing at my cash register.  They were chatting quietly and giggling.  My initial thought was that they were being very considerate by keeping an eye on my area while I was away.  When I got to these attractive associates to thank them, I quickly learned their positioning was completely self-serving and had nothing to do with assisting me.  From the vantage point of my register they could easily observe a handsome man they were both attracted to.  Within moments of discovering their ulterior motive, the man shocked them by walking directly to them asking for assistance in ringing up his selections.  In my mind, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for them to turn on the charm and flirt.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Instead of impressing the shopper, they started behaving like little girls caught misbehaving.  They stammered, stuttered and giggled.  When I could see they were getting nowhere, I stepped into the void.  I told the man: “You should know both of these young women think you’re hot” to which the courteous man thanked both ladies.  I again expected my friends to seize the opportunity but again was disappointed.  One of my friends turned fire engine red and stammered as she rang up the purchases.  The other friend has a darker complexion and, while not obviously blushing, you could see she was flush.  The customer paid for his purchases and walked away.  I was expecting to receive a hearty “thank you” from my associates.  Instead, they led me to my stock room and read me the riot act.  They made me promise I would never help them out with men again.  I was sincere in my promise but I’m not sure it’s a promise I can keep.