A couple of years ago I did extensive research on how to conceal hair loss for my very good friend Esteban. When I met Esteban he worked at my retail gig and was in his mid-thirties. I had gotten to know him quite well because he used to frequently abandon his post to shop in my department (he often put pairs of shoes on hold but never bought them).  I don’t know if his thinning hair was the reason he was assigned to the “bargain basement” department (This is where the store would attempt to sell merchandise one last time before it went to the land fill) but it’s possible.  I decided I was going to seek out a solution for Esteban because his case of thinning hair was paticularly nasty and because of the guilt I felt for being blessed with a luxurious head of hair.  I found that hair loss concealers had advanced from spray paints for the scalp to a selection of creams, powders and sprays that were more effective.  He and I had discussed these different options but the final decision about which way to go was his alone.  I don’t believe Esteban took any action as a result of my previous research so I updated my results.  One of the sprays I looked at a couple of years ago is now being advertised on television.  There is no stronger seal of approval for product effectiveness than television advertisements.  I’ll make sure Esteban is aware of my additional information that could possibly lead to improvements to his career and social lives.