Clean the Pipes

I don’t mean to pick on one of my college buddies but when in school I used to hang out with Valerie Bernard, Monica Stunkard and Jesse Barnes. The four of us spent hours and hours playing cards and visiting. Monica and Valerie were kind enough to usually host our little group. Once when I went to visit Valerie and Monica, a plumber was just leaving. He was talking to Valerie about finding a pair of panties blocking the sewage pipe which was clogging up the toilet. After the plumber left, Valerie explained that her mother used her old underwear as rags for cleaning and dusting when she was growing up. Valerie found that to be embarrassing so she had gotten into the habit of throwing her discarded underwear down the toilet. Apparently their house in Tulsa had much more forgiving plumbing that the little rent house in Stillwater, OK.