High School Sex Education

My high school graduation nearly 50 years ago has been generating flashbacks of experiences at Bishop Kelly High School as well as Tulsa, OK. Two of my best friends in high school were Chris Milberger and Chris Bernard. I remember one summer the two Chris’s and I we’re hanging out together and ended up downtown. When we were in high school, downtown Tulsa was a little frayed around the edges but it had not hit bottom yet. Main Street was still home to Tulsa’s flagship stores like Vanderver’s, Clarke’s and Renberg’s. While exploring downtown, the three of us were, along with other boys our age, full of hormones and a thirst for knowledge. There used to be a theater on Main Street which was called the Paris Art Theater. I don’t remember who was the main instigator, but the three of us decided that it was a good place to do research on human sexuality. With temerity we approached the entrance expecting to be turned away since we were underage. Looking back, the attendant must have seen us as needing the education offered because he let us in. During the course of the summer we returned to continue our research another two or three times. On the last trip the Tulsa Police Department, apparently not appreciating the educational value of their films shut the place down while we were raptly watching their newest offering. Being underage, we feared getting into trouble as we filed past the police to exit the theatre. Chris Bernard, exhibiting his advanced intellect, followed a middle aged couple very closely to give the impression he was their son. I expected him to hold the lady’s hand but he never did. I don’t remember going back there again. However, I’m not sure there was much more educational value since, although the sets or locations may have changed, the activities of the performers seemed to remain the same.