Cat in the Hat

I’m a hat guy. I don’t leave the house without wearing a hat and like being the only guy in the room with a fedora on my head.  Ed is a baseball cap kind of guy and he looks great but there is no comparison between a baseball cap and a proper hat.   About 10 years ago I had a melanoma removed from my nose. That event did not start my chapeau affair although it should have.  Hats became a part of my swag about five years ago when I saw one I really liked while shopping and justified buying it as a medical necessity. Fast forward to today. That hat now has plenty of company by about twenty other hats including panamas, pork pies, fedoras and trilbies that are hung carefully in the closet. I’m starting to want to break out into additional styles and found a boater style hat by Stetson (a favorite brand) while surfing the internet. I studied it for awhile and carried my laptop to where Ed was sitting so he could see it. He asked me why I was showing it to him (remember he’s a baseball cap guy). I told him I just wanted him to see it. He told me he hoped I wasn’t planning on buying it. I assured him I had no intention of buying it. He asked me again why I was showing it to him. I told him I was showing it to him so he could buy it for me.