Beef Sandwich

One day at my retail gig I was providing over the top customer service to a gay couple who were in to buy some new shoes. We were having a good time discussing common acquaintances and businesses. An associate came by (let’s call him Larry) to give me some information and moved on. Larry is a friend who is also an attractive middle aged black man. He is extremely well dressed and, because of that, is sometimes incorrectly thought to be gay. Those of us that know him have no doubt that he is a lady’s man who is very secure in his masculinity. My customers began asking me questions about Larry and eventually asked if I would introduce them. I explained to the guys that he had come over to tell me he was leaving and was no longer in the store. This was not true at all but based on our conversation I had no doubt my customers wanted to share more than a cup of coffee with him. After the couple left, I told Larry about the and that they had wanted to meet. He said he was curious about what they wanted (this man is very smart but it also sometimes naive).  I told him I had no question they wanted to make a beef sandwich. He would be the beef and they would be the white bread on either side.