Sarcasm gone Wrong

For some unknown reason I am attracted to pink flamingos. My first experience with the lanky birds was years ago when Ed and I had a pool built. While at a landscaping business buying plants to complement the pool, I spied a stack of plastic flamingos on display. Over Ed’s sound reasoning I bought a small flock of the little rascals. I was hooked. Since them I’ve had lots of socks, shirts and even chinos with pink flamingos. For a Diet Coke I’ll even show my pink flamingo boxers. It’s just kind of a spoof.
At my retail gig just before Christmas a friend of mine in costume jewelry (now they call it fashion jewelry but I’m old school) came to Men’s Suits to visit me. After some polite chit chat she told me she heard I liked pink flamingos and told me the one in the picture was on sale. I asked for the price and she said it was about $5. Buying the pin seemed like a no brainer.
A few days later, I wore my new ornament to work as a lapel pin. Toward the end of my shift, I sold a suit to an unpleasant man. We were back in the fitting rooms where I was marking the suit for alterations when he said, “nice flamingo”. Seeing the words, you might think he was complimenting the flamingo but his words were dripping with sarcasm. What he was really saying, “Why the hell are you wearing that pin”.
His sarcasm rubbed me the wrong way because I am more accustomed to giving sarcasm than taking it. I was on my hands and knees adjusting his pant bottoms. So, I looked up at the guy while stroking the flamingo and said, “Sir, this pin was my wife’s favorite piece of jewelry and she used to wear it all the time. When she died, I began to wear the pin in her memory.” I resumed working on the trousers bottoms and let him deal with the pregnant pause.
Finally, the unpleasant man said very quietly, “That is such a sad story.” By that time I was finished with the trousers and stood up before speaking. I said, “Sir, it is a very sad story. Fortunately, there is absolutely nothing true about it. I bought the pin a couple of days ago. I have never had a wife but I do have a husband at home and he is just fine. Even if I had stayed at Dillard’s, I don’t believe the man would have ever bought a suit from me again.