Trip to Brazil

When I first started working in retail, I would sometimes help out in Women’s Shoes. Their customers are a tough crowd and far different than they’re male counterparts.  One of the times I was helping out, an attractive middle age lady came in and made her shoe selections. I came back with the shoes requested and prepared them for showing.  Most of my background is outside sales and I’m very accustomed to giving sales presentations so the first thing I did in Women’s Shoes was develop a presentation.  I would go down on one knee, open the box of shoes, rustle the papers in the box as I was taking the the shoe out.  Then, holding the shoe in two hands, I present the shoe to the customer for her to take and put it on.  I did my shoe presentation for my middle aged customer and as I presented the shoe to her holding it in two hands, I raised my eyes to be visually confronted by her “hoo haw” since it was at eye level. I’m sure this lady put a lot of thought and planning into the thrill she expected to get from showing her pudenda to an unsuspecting man. I’m afraid I disappointed her because I didn’t react at all. I have been speechless very few times in my life but this was one of them. If I had my wits about me I would have suggested she might consider a little trim or take a trip to Brazil.  As I watched the lady leave, I wanted to scream:  “LADY, KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE”. Although I strongly believe our bodies are temples, I have seen many temples over the years in our travels. Just because we walked by a temple didn’t mean we wanted to take a peek inside.  By the way, the lady bought no shoes.