Aerobics for the Aging Male

As I’m getting older, I’m finding that my workout routine is more difficult to accomplish than it used to be. As a result, I’ve tried to come up with a new regimen. Considering different ways to get essental aerobic exercises, I realized I was overlooking an instinctive male activity – masterbation. This is a skill set that needs no training or special equipment (baby lotion optional). The biggest challenge at my age is to stay awake for the big finish. To distribute the muscle building benefits, it is good a idea to develop ambidextrous masturbatory skills. This is easier than expected. Although it may feel awkward using your unfamiliar hand initially, if you can stick with it for a few minutes, natural impulses will soon take over. If you pursue your new calisthenics program in bed and your significant other complains that you’re rattling their teeth, you might consider a TempraPedic Mattress and Box Springs (rember the commercials with the person jumping on one side of the bed while the glass of wine remained stable on the other?).It is quite effective at limiting the vibrations to your side of the bed.