Just for You

A number of years ago I had traveled to Palm Springs to for a Trade Conference. It was February and thoughts of Valentine’s Day were in the air. There was free time between the conference sessions and meetings with clients so I headed downtown to look for a Valentine’s present for Ed. Early in my shopping experience I found a pair of famous name cufflinks with lapis lazuli stones. They were at a jewelry store that was closing and the clearance price was really good. However, since Ed didn’t wear cufflinks I couldn’t buy them as a Valentine’s present. That thought was briefly considered but I quickly dismissed the idea.  I decided the correct thing to do was deny myself the cufflinks and continue looking for a Valentine’s present. Ed and I tend to get what we want and need so we are both difficult guys to buy gifts for. In the end, my search for a gift for Ed was completely unsuccessful. In a moment of weakness I went back and bought the cufflinks. Because I was feeling guilty, when I got home from the conference I did the mature thing and hid the cufflinks in our closet. On Valentine’s Day, Ed and I had a very nice dinner together.  Later, when we were watching some late night TV, I apologized to Ed for not finding him a gift. Ed, in turn, apologized to me because he was also unable to find a gift for me. I asked Ed if he would like to give me a Valentine’s gift. He replied: “Of course, but I couldn’t find anything”.  I hopped up, went went to my hiding place the closet and retrieved the cufflinks.  I brought them to Ed and suggested they would make a great gift.  Ed took them out of the box, looked and them and reboxed them saying: “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  I opened the box and took out the cufflinks saying: “Thank you, they’re just what I wanted”.  I wear them often.