I’m sure that everyone has had the experience where they meet a complete stranger and know immediately that talking to them is going to be fun. At my retail gig a gentleman came in once and I knew if was going to be fun to work with him. We spent more time talking than actual shopping and shared a lot personal information. Among other topics, he told me about his wife and children and I told him about my husband and our son’s family. When he was finished I took him to the cash register to ring up the two sport coats he had selected which were a little over a thousand dollars. When I told him the total he said he really hadn’t intended to buy anything today other than a pair of shoes. He had been looking for Dick’s Sporting Goods. I let him know that Dick’s was actually in the center across the highway. He made comment about how bad he was at understanding directions. I told him I completely understood because I was looking for dicks all the time. He laughed but the associate I worked with and was standing behind me loudly exclaimed: “Kerry, f,,,,,,,”. I turned around with a straight face and reminded him we weren’t supposed to talk inappropriately on the sales floor. My customer continued laughing but my associate friend wandered off shocked;