Walk This Way

There are many visuals that show that spring is here. Women begin wearing sandals, men switch from their felt fedoras to straw and gardens become freshly planted. At my retail gig, we have a sweet young female employee that provides us with another indicator of seasonal change. To protect her anonymity, I’ll call the young lady Tristina. As soon as the first crocuses are in full bloom, she breaks out her extensive collection of open toed shoes and confirms her two day a week standing appointments with one of Dallas’ top pedicurists. Tristina become a temptress to podophilia enthusiasts throughout the area with her well groomed and tastefully appointed toes. She continues to tease and taunt her admirers through the end of the Labor Day weekend with her graceful walk and slightly turned ankle. I look forward to watching her power over these men throughout the Spring and Summer. Tristina, I salute you. In anther generation, you could have been the Mata Hari of foot fetishists.