Hunting for Cougars

Apparently I have skills at performing match making functions for straight people. I even have hookup skills for young straight people but those are a lot easier.  These are more about sex and less about love. Young people, in my opinion, think about sex in a much healthier way than the world I grew up in.  At my last retail gig several very young men in the men’s shoe department were frustrated by inexperience in their search for a sexual encounter. I have no idea why they discussed their frustrations with me, but they did. I asked them if they were aware of a tribe of women called Cougars who would be willing to provide the training they needed. As it turned out, they had heard of Cougars before but had no idea how to locate them. They asked if I could help them. I reminded them that I was an old gay guy over 60 without any interest in where Cougars gathered and was confident I would not be considered a catch for them. I suggested they go to a Cougar bar since I assume there must be a watering hole for these women and their prey. The guys asked me for my help in finding a Cougar Bar and, although I again pointed out the whole old gay man thing, they felt confident I was resourceful enough to find the information. Not knowing whether I should feel flattered or conned, I agreed to do the research.

Two days later, I went into conference with these guys and told them the name and address of the best Cougar Bar in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. They were impressed and thanked me profusely. I did not dispel their notion of my wisdom, nor did I tell them my research amounted to doing a simple Google search. After I got the name of the drinking establishment I did talk to a woman in the store who seemed very likely to be an active Cougar. I asked if she was aware of this club. She told me she went there frequently because it had such a friendly crowd. I took that as a confirmation since the bar is located about 15 miles north of the store and she lives south of the store. Within the next week, three of the five young travelled by caravan to the location I identified. They confirmed it was a bar with a large number of older women and a similarly large number of younger men. They did not tell me if they found temporary true love and happiness nor did I ask.