One of the great happenings in my life was meeting my daughter-in-law. Ed and I fell in love with her the first day we met and love the way she brings joy to everyone she comes in contact with. During our fist encounter, I fully expected her to be challenged by the fact she was meeting her boyfriend’s two dads. She was not challenged. In fact, during that first meeting it felt like a jig saw puzzle in which all the pieces fit together perfectly. The day they got married, I wondered if she would have questions about what to call us. Right after the wedding she began calling our son’s biological father (my husband) Dad and continued calling me Kerry. It was perfect. Not too long ago she left her employer of many years and began selling CBD. This is a relatively new product made of hemp which appears to have significant health enhancing properties. There is very little actual testing to prove the claims that have been made and, since big pharma exerts control over the FDA, it’s unlikely there will be any testing soon. To support her, we bought a sample pack to see how it worked. I had no expectations when I began taking this product. A condition I’ve had for a number of years is an incurable neurological tremor which causes my hands to shake continuously. With time, the shaking had gotten worse and, in my case, had reached the point were I was eating most foods with a soup spoon. Katherine Hepburn had the same condition only hers was in her neck and voice box. Within three days, my shaking had almost stopped. Three days later I stopped taking my prescription medication because it had provided almost no relief, had nasty side effects and I didn’t need it. It has been almost two month and I still have almost no shake. CBD has had side effects but they are good side effects. Amy just continues to improve my life.