I have a really good friend who is a raging heterosexual.  I have never really understood his choice because he is a nice-looking man with a killer personality and he could have any man he wanted.  However, I respect his right to choose whatever it is that makes him happy.  He lives a very active straight life style and apparently is quite skilled in the acts of pleasing his partner(s).  He is the only man I’ve ever know that has “Magnum Condoms” preprinted on his grocery list.  In order to ensure that his private life remains private, it is important to me that I respect his confidentiality.  One evening I wrote a post about my friend and added it to Facebook.  That post included his picture wearing a bow tie that was very nearly deleted from my phone.  I was only able to recover it because it had been saved to the cloud.  When I got up the next morning, I had a message from a woman who is a friend on Facebook telling me she found the man to be handsome.  She asked if I had any additional photos “on the cloud”.  I told her that was the only picture I had and sent a message to Joe (not his real name) relaying the conversation.  He was at work when I sent the message and I really didn’t expect a response.  About noon, I heard my phone exploding in the next room.    I went in to check my phone and found Joe had sent me four gym locker room photos of himself partially clad to forward to my Facebook friend.  I forward the photos told him I was very surprised he sent the four photos because that was more of him, I had ever seen.  He explained that when he was sending pictures directly to a woman, he always sent five.  Since I was serving as the conduit, he only sent four.  Now I’m curious, what could be in that fifth photo he wouldn’t want me to see?