Mardi Gras Experience

Before Katrina, Ed and I took a Caribbean cruise with our best friends.  The highlight of the cruise was two days in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  None of us had been to Mardi Gras before and were looking forward to the festivities.  Upon leaving the ship we were thrust into huge crowds everywhere.  An … More Mardi Gras Experience

Bare Essentials

About 20 years ago, I decided it was time to deal with my body shyness.  My way of facing this issue head on was to join a nudist club.  The group I joined was strictly social – meaning hanky panky was cause for expulsion.  My first meeting was very stressful.  The members wore stick on … More Bare Essentials

Killer Breasts

A woman made a comment recently that reminded me of a near death experience I had with a pair of monster breasts. I feel lucky to have survived. At this point in my life I am proud of the man I have become. I was born with gifts that are individual to me and one … More Killer Breasts

Trip to Brazil

When I first started working in retail, I would sometimes help out in Women’s Shoes. Their customers are a tough crowd and far different than they’re male counterparts.  One of the times I was helping out, an attractive middle age lady came in and made her shoe selections. I came back with the shoes requested … More Trip to Brazil

Red Basketball Shorts

I had a customer one day who entered the department looking like a shiny red apple.  He was a middle aged man who came in with his wife wearing red basketball shorts and a matching red tee shirt.  I complimented the guy on his look and he thanked me telling me his wife didn’t like … More Red Basketball Shorts

Show Me Tattoos

One thing that is almost always true is that men and women with multiple tattoos are exhibitionists.  Combine that with men who spend most of their free time in a gym making their bodies as perfect as possible, you can be guaranteed they are exhibitionists.  I have tested this theory several times and have never … More Show Me Tattoos