Shipwreck in Bermuda Triangle

A few years ago, Ed and I were on a shipwreck in the Bermuda triangle! It was really more of a shipbump but it was a nautical accident none the less. Apparently, our cruise ship had a problem with the steering mechanism which caused us to run aground on a rocky outcropping. Bermuda is surrounded by reefs and was initially settled by shipwreck castaways in the 1700s. As always, the nut jobs didn’t disappoint us and came out almost immediately. There were a couple passengers carrying around their bags because “when they order us to abandon ship they won’t let us back in our cabins”. People were behaving this way despite the Captain’s announcement that we were not taking on water. Interestingly, they didn’t have life jackets, just carry-on bags. Gleefully, large numbers of people said the cruise line owed us a free cruise (they gave us a 15% discount on our next cruise which I thought was generous). Some people were worried because they couldn’t swim (plenty of life boats and we could see Bermuda about a mile in the distance). Also, immediately people were worried about their travel connections home.  During the evening the ship was pulled off the rocks, in the morning we were again docked in Bermuda with divers and technicians checking for damage and by 3:00 pm we were on our way to Boston at a rapid clip. We arrived on time with disembarkation being as fraught with impatient passengers as usual.  It was certainly a new adventure but there was never any danger.