When I first started in retail, I felt like an elder statesman. As you might guess, I was one of the older employees in the store.  I felt like a dispenser of wisdom because younger employees were always coming over to talk to me. I thought they were seeking my sage advice based on years of life experience. I said something to one of the young employees once about how I appreciated the role they had given me. This young woman looked me in the eye and said: “Oh, we don’t come over for advice. We think you’re kinda crazy and come over to hear what comes out of your mouth.”

2 thoughts on “Statesman

  1. Time for a little tough love from my view point on your writing style. When you blur fact and fiction the reader is left wondering what is real and what is not. Anyone can write fiction but only the truly talented can write fiction that, while not being believable, is entertaining and enlightening (Catch 22) causing the reader to question their beliefs. Factual, honest expressions of who and what you are can not be questioned. The downside is that you have to hang your ass out for all to condemn or praise. If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen but never, never be guilty of hiding yourself from the reader.


  2. I always appreciate feedback. Thanks. Are your comments referring to specific stories or are they comments that refer to my stories in general? If the refer to specific stories can you tell me which ones?


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